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International Day of Happiness

March 20 is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. A day for recognising the importance of happiness and well-being to all people. And, also the public policies directed towards provisioning for these universal goals and aspirations.

Wellness and Happiness, True Safari Products

A quintessential reason for going on safari, including bleisure travel, is to take in the wellness offered by such wilderness excursions. A successful safari results in a happier state for the traveller.

And, with tour packages like the ones on offer at Zambezi Cruise and Safaris which present unforgettable land and lake experiences it is difficult not to have a pleasurable time.

International Day of Happiness: More Than Just Personal Happiness

The International day of happiness is a day for universal happiness and not just personal pleasure. Ensuring the happiness of others is also important. That is why Zambezi Cruise and Safaris dedicate resources to improving the livelihoods of wildlife and communities.

Hay trucked into Mana Pools brings happiness to wildlife

This means your safari with cruise, the ultimate African wellness tour, will also bring happiness to others. Wildlife in Mana Pools, the Zambezi basin and at our safari lodges all benefit from your safari tour.

We support Chengeta Schools (our giving back program we are so proud of) and you too, can contribute.

During drought seasons we also truck in hay bales as supplementary feeding for the wild animals of Mana Pools.

Our world is a big place and each of us can bring a smile to someone else.

Even Smurfs are using their positive energy to help celebrate this year international day of happiness

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International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness
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