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10 Wild Reasons to Visit Mana Pools National Park In Zimbabwe

Unlike other articles, we are not giving you the runaround and only mention ten species of animals you can see when you visit Mana Pools. No, we have 10 real reasons to visit Mana Pools In Zimbabwe.

Let’s start by determining the best age to visit Mana Pools. The UNESCO world heritage site of Mana Pools is one of Zimbabwe’s most remarkable conservation areas. Therefore, regardless of age, you are bound to have an epic holiday.

*Please Note that the intense wild nature of this biosphere makes it unsuitable/unhospitable for younger humans.

Best Age to Visit Mana Pools National Park

  • As a youthful person, a Mana Pools safari will allow you to enjoy a real wildlife adventure. This wildlife sanctuary is as real as an African wilderness can be.
  • When you go with the children to this wildlife haven, you get to share the natural beauty of Africa and pass on stewardship, along with conservation lessons, to the next generation.
  • And when you come as a golden ager, you get to savour the true beauty of this ecosystem, a biosphere nourished by the waters of the Zambezi River.

Visit Mana Pools for a real chance to see an Elephant in the Room

Have you heard of the expression, “There is an elephant in the room?” We don’t know how or where the statement originated! But, we suspect it was inspired by a Mana Pools Safari.

Guest looking at elephant that has come into the swimming pool area
Elephant in the room at Mana Pools Safari Lodge

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Mana Pools in Zimbabwe in 2021

  1. Yes, you might see an actual elephant in the room. At Mana Pools Safari Lodge, the ele’s often come into the dining area to enjoy the Albida fruit from the giant African Mango in the centre.
  2. But, let’s start at the beginning. The journey to Mana Pools is as epic as the wildlife in the sanctuary itself. Because Mana Pools’ south border is an escarpment with the Zambezi River making up the North border, getting there is an adventure. Whether you choose to go by 4×4 vehicle, plane or boat transfer the trip will be both exciting and worthwhile.
  3. Zambezi sunsets are among the most heartwarming, soul-filling, natural events you can ever experience. Let those dusky hues reflected upon the African sky relax you in a way only a Zambezi sunset can.
  4. People of the Zambezi consider Gin and Tonic a cultural remedy. Traditionally authorities advised people travelling to regions of high mosquito activity to take quinine also known as tonic water. Gin was added to the medicine to make it less bitter. Later, someone else added some ice, a slice of lemon and one of the most famous cocktails was born.
  5. The game sanctuary has a large concentration of animals including several carnivorous species.
  6. The Mana biosphere offers spectacular sights including elephants being athletic and showing off their flexibility as well as wild lion kills. In fact, the area is a prime hunting ground therefore visitors are accompanied by an armed member of the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority.
  7. There are over 300 recorded species of birds including Pel’s fishing owl, making Mana Pools a bird watchers’ paradise.
  8. In Mana Pools, you enjoy authentic game experiences including guided game walks, game drives and game viewing from the water on speed boats or canoes.
  9. Because the area floods seasonally and dries off completely during winter, the vegetation is as unique as it is interesting.
  10. Dinosaur fossils, yes there are plenty of dinosaur tracks in Mana Pools and you can see them when you visit.
Elephant displaying athleticism, standing on back legs in Mana Pools

Best time to visit Mana Pools

Zimbabwe is renowned as an all-year-round destination but Mana Pools is a unique exception. The park is open all year round. However, during the wet season, access to some parts of the park is restricted. This “inaccessibility” has preserved this biosphere in such pristine condition.

This means that when you come during the rainy season expect nothing but unmanicured, raw, and exhilarating Mana Pools adventure. It is important to remember to respect. Respect Mana Pools, respect the animals, respect the guides and respect the rules. This is the best way to have a safe and enjoyable Mana Safari.

The dry season (June to October) does offer significantly better game-viewing experiences since the bush would have thinned out. Also during the dry season, wildlife congregates regularly on the banks of the Zambezi River to quench their thirst.

Waterbuck on the banks of the Zambezi River in Mana Pools

Therefore, the best time to visit Mana Pools is any time of the year you want. The park takes on many different “personalities” as the seasons change without losing any of its magic during transitions.

Enjoy seeing migratory birds, young wild animals, and green scenery during the rainy season. Then during the dry season, enjoy sunny days filled with easy game spotting and access to most parts of the park.

How to get to Mana Pools

As previously mentioned, the Mana Pools adventure starts before you get to the UNESCO World Heritage site. Because of its special location, the journey to Mana Pools is a fun safari experience.

There are basically three ways to get to Mana Pools Safari Lodge but you can be creative and parachute in Tom Cruise style!

  1. Air, no we do not parachute in guests. The fastest way to get to Mana Pools is to fly in by charter plane. You can fly in from Harare, Kariba, Victoria Falls or any other destination.
  2. Boat transfer from Chirundu. While you have to drive up to Chirundu, the final part of your trip into Mana will be via boat transfer. During the boat transfers, you take in the beautiful landscape of the Lower Zambezi and even see animals coming to the river for a drink, a dip or both.
  3. Self-drive into Mana Pools is only available during the dry season and is best done in 4×4 vehicles. As the land soaks up the rain, most roads become impassable and even treacherous in some cases.
Join the hippos in enjoying the Zambezi Sunset when you visit Mana Pools

Safari activities in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe

The main reason for embarking on a Mana Pools safari is to enjoy the diverse wildlife of this biosphere. There are many ways to experience this pristine wilderness. Listed below are some of the most popular ways to explore Mana:

  • Canoeing on the Zambezi River is a great way to see and interact with the wildlife in Mana Pools.
  • Game Drives offer relaxed excursions into the Mana Wilderness. During drives, visitors cover lots of ground and see more species.
  • Visitors get an intimate Mana Pools wilderness experience during walking safaris.
  • Mana Pools is famous for its Photo safaris. The sights, backgrounds and animal activity are exclusive to this region.
  • Visiting the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are long extinct but their footprints are well preserved in stone. Mana Pools has always been a home to giants even from pre-historic times.
Game Drives are a top activity when in Mana Pools but sometimes the game comes for some game-drive vehicle viewing

Where to stay in Mana Pool; Mana Pools Accommodation and Rates

We would not be caught dead mentioning competitors on this blog! The powers that be would have our heads! So, for accommodation in Mana Pools, trust Mana Pools Safari Lodge. As Zambezi Cruise and Safaris, we promise a truly immersive wildlife safari on the banks of the Zambezi River.

We are not going to bore you with the lodge’s specifics here. However, should you wish to take a look, follow the link to see a stunning lodge in Mana Pools. Do not worry, it opens in another tab, so you won’t lose us. And, trust us, bias and all, Mana Pools Safari Lodge gives the best Mana Pools experience.

Lucky Mana Pools visitors have spotted a leopard (one of the shyest cats) in its natural habitat

Mana Pools Specials and Exclusive Use Packages

Rarely do you ever get specials or exclusive use packages in and around the Mana Pools animal sanctuary. This is because the area normally attracts more than 50,000 tourists each year.

However, sometimes due to “acts of nature”, the top Mana Pools lodge offers specials and exclusive use packages to locals& international guests at prices never heard of before in Mana Pools. Now might be the perfect time for that Mana Pools holiday. Come enjoy Mana Pools at the best rates imaginable.

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10 Wild Reasons to Visit Mana Pools National Park In Zimbabwe

10 Wild Reasons to Visit Mana Pools National Park In Zimbabwe
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