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Sailing Lake Kariba on Tiki Boats: All You Need to Know

Aesthetic Value is the premium attached to a natural environment’s ability to cause pleasure. As a result of living and working in wild Zimbabwe, many Zimbabweans do not value lake Kariba activities, we get to do them as part of our jobs. That is why sailing lake Kariba and related safari activities ended up being sold mainly to foreigners and true city slickers.

But what has this got to do with Tiki Boats and why you should get on one now?

Sailing Lake Kariba on Catamarans

Catamarans, which we also fondly call our “Tiki Boats” are well-balanced 2-hull boats connected by a bridge. The design of these vessels creates a spacious, stable, and relaxing environment.

The catamarans sailing Lake Kariba are easy to handle, agile and very responsive.

Besides offering an awesome sailing experience these vessels also create amazing wildlife safari moments. Their quiet nature allows you to get very close to prime African wildlife.

Are Kariba Tiki Sailboats Safe

  1. Catamarans are specially adapted vessels for sailing in tropical environments like Lake Kariba.
  2. The two hulls plus the symmetric design make catamarans surprisingly stable.
  3. An experienced skipper not only ensures safety but also choreographs your outing to make sure you have a world-class experience.
  4. These vessel’s modern designs have evolved making the vessels extremely seaworthy. This means this type of boat does not easily flip over, even at wind speeds upwards of 50 knots.
  5. The boats carry adequate life jackets and communication equipment. In typical Zimbabwean tradition, boats in distress are promptly assisted by fellow sailors.
  6. Tiki boats sailing Lake Kariba undergo regular servicing and maintenance per current regulations.

Why You Should Sail on a Catamaran When in Kariba

  • Affordable packages; The Tiki boat safari sailing experience is an optional activity when staying at Kariba Safari Lodge. Trust Zambezi Cruise and Safaris to give you the best value for your hard-earned money.
  • Catamarans have a very low noise output. This makes them the perfect yachts for approaching wildlife from the water. There is something special about watching animals frolicking in the water as you sip on gin and tonic on Lake Kariba.
  • They have more space than mono-hulls of the same length. The extra living space is great when holidaying with kids. There is ample space on the deck, with a double mattress and single mattresses that are all sheltered by a large mosquito net.
  • Catamarans are generally very stable due to the symmetric design which produces less rocking thus making the boat less likely to cause seasickness.
  • In addition to all these safety and comfort features the boats are also very fast. Because the vessels do not have a keel weighing them down they are significantly lighter and hence can move faster. This offers a great sailing experience.

Kariba Boats for Hire

Yes, you can hire these boats for a morning or afternoon lake activity. Alternatively, hire the catamarans overnight for fully immersive lake excursions. An experienced captain sails the vessel ensuring that your experience is both safe and fulfilling.

Hire a Boat on Lake Kariba Today Here

Is a Tiki Boat Activity a Kariba Boat Cruise

Our catamarans offer the ultimate Kariba day-trip activity. However, you can turn the Tiki sailboat activity into a Lake Kariba cruise by taking the boat overnight. Doing this will give you more wildlife viewing and fishing opportunities.

Due to their smaller size, speed and manoeuvrability, the catamarans help to create truly unforgettable land and lake memories in wild Zambezi.

Ultimate Safari Day-Trip Activity: Sailing Lake Kariba

There are many activities to enjoy when on vacation in Kariba, but not all activities are equal! Fact!

The Tiki boat activity with Zambezi Cruise and Safaris stands head and shoulders above others. Offered as an optional activity when staying at the stunning Kariba Safari Lodge these boats help make any Kariba trip complete. After all, what is the point of travelling to Kariba if not to get on the water?

Tiki boat activities last between two and three hours. During sailboat activities, you can:

  1. Go fishing for the mighty Vundu, the fighting tiger fish or the tasty Kariba Bream
  2. Game viewing along the many lake inlets. Sailboats allow you to get close to elephants, hippos, crocodiles, antelope and predators safely.
  3. Enjoy the Zambezi sunset, like millions before, and drink in hand on a Tiki catamaran.

Book Your Stay at Kariba Safari Lodge, and enjoy truly magical land and lake experiences with Zambezi Cruise and Safaris’ Tiki Sailboats.

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Sailing Lake Kariba on Tiki Boats: All You Need to Know

Sailing Lake Kariba on Tiki Boats: All You Need to Know
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