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Chengeta Primary and Chengeta Secondary Schools


This was the beginning of a new page for Chengeta

Zambezi Cruise Safaris has been giving back to the community for more than 10 years. Our social responsibility as well as our commitment to the local community made the decision to assist an easy one. In 2008, the building of a new school, Chengeta Primary began!

In fact, the original school was located in old tobacco drying sheds on a farm situated on the main Ngezi Road. This school was an equal distance from both Chengeta and Pamuzinda where most of the children of our staff attended. The decision to build a new school was a result of existing “school buildings” being inadequate. With that our giving back program began.

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Shelter & Structure Upgrade

The children often found themselves sitting on the floor as they lacked the proper equipment and resources. Firstly we made and supply a number of desks and benches for the pupils to sit at. During this time, we also obtained a suitable site for the proposed school. This was an open area of land where local cattle usually grazed.

Then, with support from the local community and parents, we were able to produce an enormous number of farm bricks. The bricks facilitated the build of the first double classroom, along with a toilet block of several cubicles.

Water & Power Upgrades

Since there was no running water on the site a very large metal drum was obtained in Harare. This drum was set up and is filled with water when required. An elderly water diviner highlighted a potential spot for a borehole. The spot was duly drilled and to our delight, the water gushed out. Thus, ensuring a constant supply of fresh water for not only the school, but also the community and their animals.

At this point, the thing that was still lacking was a source of power. Fortunately, due to the generosity of many people and local businesses a solar system was installed. The solar provided energy for both the school and Teachers’ housing.

Turning the power on and connecting Chengeta.

Installing power will enable us to move on to the provision of computer training which is important throughout today’s world. The initial number of children expected to attend was approximately 240. That number has now blossomed to a total of over 600 between the two schools. The Primary School has some 430 students.

From the humble beginnings of one double classroom and toilet block for primary age children, it has now grown into a total of eight double classrooms split between the two schools and a second toilet block has been added. Furthermore, a fine assembly hall, kitchen and school offices have also been built.

Turning the power on and connecting Chengeta.

Some of Zambezi Cruise and Safaris’ tours that include a guided tour of the school as an optional extra activity. The visits provide an ideal chance to see first hand our progress to date. This allows you to give back with us either financially or materially.

Gifts of the likes of pens, pencils, crayons, colouring books or, indeed, anything that would appeal or be useful to school age children anywhere, would be thankfully received and welcomed with open arms.

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Chengeta Primary and Chengeta Secondary Schools

Chengeta Primary and Chengeta Secondary Schools
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