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Top 10 Things to do in Zimbabwe – the new way to travel

Top Safari Activities to do While Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a worldwide norm, however, in Africa and especially Zimbabwe, social distancing has always been the order of the day. This is due to the naturally large open spaces. Therefore there are a plethora of things to do in Zimbabwe while social distancing. Below we have listed the top 10 things to do in Zimbabwe after lockdown.

  1. Family or Small Group Tour with Zambezi Cruise and Safaris
  2. Cruise Lake Kariba in a Luxury Houseboat
  3. Adventure on the Wild Side in Mana Pools
  4. Immerse Yourself in Mysterious Binga
  5. Take a Safari Day Trip close to Harare
  6. Discover the Secrets on Matobo Hills
  7. Enjoy a lake holiday at Kariba Safari Lodge
  8. Do business at pristine wildlife resort close to Harare – Bleisure
  9. Hunt for Tiger Fish in Kariba
  10. Horseback Game activity close to Harare

Read on as we go into detail on each of these safari activities offered by Zambezi Cruise and Safaris to local, regional and international guests.

Family or Small Group Tour

Unite again!


As the world slowly opens up we can now get together with people who are dear to us. And, what better way to celebrate each other, and catch-up, than with a small group tour of Zimbabwe.

This is why a small group tour is “the” top thing to do in Zimbabwe after lockdown.

Zambezi Cruise And Safaris offers tour packages to Zimbabwe’s prime tourist destinations. These packages, specially designed to cater for small travel bubbles, are perfect for families and friends.

Visit the stunning Matobo Hills, be blown away by the roar of Victoria Falls or walk on the wild side in Mana Pools and cruise Lake Kariba with your personal people for a truly unforgettable holiday.

Cruise Lake Kariba

The best multi-day Zambezi Safari experience! We are not taking away from all the other ways to enjoy wild Zambezi. But, the pace of the cruises, the wildlife viewing, the fishing, the cuisine and the spacious nature of Zambezi Cruise Safaris’ boats create truly unforgettable land and lake experiences.

Our cruise boats transverse the entire 270km of Lake Kariba or choose to sail Kariba – Kariba or Binga – Binga. And the tender boats in tow allow you to enjoy lake excursions. But, for most, the best part is watching the sunset on the Zambezi, drink in hand.

Adventure on the Wild side in Mana Pools

Mana Pools is one of the last truly wild spaces on this planet. This is because it is never really open to the World. It is this area’s seasonal accessibility that has kept it a true jewel, a true wildness treasure.

As a result, when you vacation with us in Mana Pools National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you will be living in wild Africa. Elephants love the Riverine figs and African mangoes at Mana Pools Safari Lodge, while lions use the lodge grounds as natural cool boxes to keep their kills as fresh for as long as possible.

Put your feet up at Mana Pools Safari Lodge

Visit Mysterious Binga

You have heard the stories and we are happy to confirm that they are true. Yes, Binga is beautiful, yes the people who have lived beside the mighty Zambezi for millennia are extra special and yes, the Zambezi is alive!

Anyone visiting Binga for the first time will be amazed by how the region is so alive. There is so much cultural heritage steeped in the area, with a quaint museum housing authentic Tongaan artifacts.

Oh and Binga Beach, as beautiful as it is deadly. However, the beaches resident crocodiles are a good testimony to the abundant fish in the river.

Even the ground is alive. Hot water comes from the ground at a special Binga location forming the famed Binga Hotsprings.

And, yes Binga offers amazing fishing. This section of the Zambezi, as it goes into Lake Kariba has 40 species of fish. Here you can fight with the Tigerfish, bait the mighty Vundu or try your hand at Bream/Talapia fishing.

Of course, we encourage catch and release to keep our waters populated!

Chill out at Masumu River Lodge

Safari Day Trips close to Harare and Bulawayo

Very few things are as invigorating as a safari break. Unfortunately, we do not always have the time to savour the wildernesses we have left. Yes, life is happening to all, even us here at Zambezi Cruise and Safaris.

However, life gives us chances to steal such moments. The correctly priced Pamuzinda and Chengeta Safari Lodge Day trip packages provide a “quick fix”.

Or visit the magnificent hills of the Matopos outside Bulawayo, and enjoy “take your breath away” views. A perfect day trip to get you out of the bustle of the city at Shashani Matobo Hills.

Discover the Secrets of Matobo Hills

Matobo Hills is a world-renowned travel destination. But do you really know why this area is famous? Besides its stunning landscape and the graves of Cecil John Rhodes and King Mzilikazi, there is so much more on offer from this safari area one hour from Bulawayo.

While staying at our Shashani, Matobo Hills Lodge you will be able to enjoy the best of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will get to marvel at ancient art that lines the walls of caves and the grain bins used by stone-age inhabitants of the area.

Game viewing activities are conducted in Matobo Hills National Park and on our private concession. This area has one of the countries healthiest Rhino populations. And, if you are lucky you might even get to catch a glimpse of elusive leopards.

Pull up a chair at Shashani Matobo Hills

Lake Holiday at Kariba Safari Lodge

Zambezi Cruise and Safaris offers the best lake holidays in Zimbabwe, fact! Because we have properties on the shores of Lake Kariba and we have luxurious houseboats, as well as sailboats, we create magical land and lake experiences.

Kariba Safari Lodge is built on a hillside with breathtaking views of the Lake and the distant Matusadonha mountains.

Our boats are available for lake activities including game viewing from the water and fishing excursions.

Combining the lodge and the boats creates the perfect lake holiday consisting of time on the water and time onshore.

Do business at a resort close to Harare/Bulawayo

Bleisure is simply the practice of combining business travel and leisure travel into one trip.

One of the reasons business and leisure travel in Africa accounts for almost half of all visits is the effect nature has on the human mind. The human mind releases feel-good endorphins when a person sees wildlife in their natural. This is known as the animal theory.

Our wildlife lodges only one hour from Harare ( Pamuzinda Safari Lodge and Chengeta Safari lodge) and also one hour from Bulawayo (Shashani Matobo Hills Lodge) have beautiful conference spaces. The meeting rooms, allow you to be productive by immersing yourself in pristine Zimbabwean wilderness.

Hunt for Tiger Fish

We literary mean hunt for tiger fish. While you can go tiger-fishing during Lake Kariba cruises or a part of your Kariba Safari Lodge package, our sailboats provide the ultimate tiger fish hunting experience.

With Zambezi Cruise and Safaris’ sailboats on Lake Kariba, you can enjoy a multi-day fishing excursion. Because of the size and manoeuvrability of our catamarans, you can hunt for tigerfish across the lake and the many inlets along the shoreline.

Horseback Game activity close to Harare

Horse riding is a truly pleasurable pastime. The therapeutic benefits to both adults and children are well understood and appreciated. Combining this highly beneficial activity with game viewing has the potential to create a truly relaxing experience.

The horse-riding activity at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge is exciting as you meander through the wildlife. And if you are lucky Jasmin (our resident giraffe) will walk along with you.

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Top 10 Things to do in Zimbabwe – the new way to travel

Top 10 Things to do in Zimbabwe – the new way to travel
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