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Top Lake Kariba Activities| 2024 Update!

10 Things to do in Kariba, Zimbabwe’s top land and lake experiences!

Lake Kariba is one of the most notable freshwater bodies in the world, yes the world! This fact, coupled with the diverse wildlife roaming the lake’s shores combine to create some truly great land and lake safari holiday memories.

While this colossal water body is famous for offering some of the best tiger fishing safaris on the African continent, Kariba town and its surroundings also have many activities perfectly suited for different tastes.

Top safari guide posing with a Tiger Fish caught during a Lake Kariba cruise

Key sites & activities to enjoy while on holiday in the Kariba area

Kariba activities easily create unforgettable land and lake experiences regardless of whether you are looking for a family-friendly holiday or an adventure vacation! This vast lake is an all-year-round destination that has several fun things to do, for both adults and children!

Top 3 things to do in Kariba

  • Going on the water
  • The Town Tour
  • Dam wall visit

Going on the lake

The absolute best thing to do while visiting Lake Kariba is to go on to the water. And, Kariba houseboats are the “perfect vessels” for lake & land safaris. While on the water you enjoy lake experiences like fishing and game viewing from the water. By approaching the shore from the water, you can safely view some of the most majestic animals on the planet as they come to quench their thirst. Birding from the water also provides a unique chance to see some of the rarest waterbird species.

Picture of Pel’s fishing owl, one of the rarest waterbirds, in flight

Visiting the Dam Wall

The dam wall is a true feat of human ingenuity! Built across the mighty Zambezi River, the wall created the world’s largest water reservoir by volume. Standing at more than 120m high, 500m long, and 13m wide, the dam wall itself is a truly massive structure! The dam took 5 years to complete due to several floods during the wall’s construction and the sheer size of the dam wall.

Kariba Town Tour

St Barbra’s Chapel, built in memory of the construction workers who perished while working on the dam wall, is another top attraction in the town. We will not spoil the tour for you, your guides will share with you more on this memorial.

Sculpture of Nyaminyami “snake god” overlooking Kariba Dam Wall

Kariba town has a rich history dating back to before the construction of the dam began in 1955. The town and lake were built on ancient Tonga tribe lands, hence the area inherited the beliefs of Zimbabwe’s most iconic river tribe. Relics and artefacts of Nyaminyami, the river god, are everywhere and his stories are legendary throughout the region. Take some time to enjoy curio shopping.

Other fun things you can do in the Kariba include visiting the crocodile farm and going on game drives in surrounding wildlife parks. However, the best way to end any tour of the town is to take in the sunset at Kariba Heights viewpoint, drink in hand!

There is booze on Zambezi Cruise

2024 Lake Kariba Activities and Prices.

There are many packages on offer for travellers who wish to enjoy the best that Kariba has to offer. For current pricing on Lake Kariba activities always contact the provider.

Catamarans, affectionately known as “Tiki boats”, offer safe lake excursions. While on these boats you can hunt for the fighting tiger fish, see wildlife as it comes to the lake for a drink or just enjoy sailing on the lake.

However, this is just entry-level. Overnight cruises offer the premium Lake Kariba experiences. Luxury houseboats that provide the safari cruise boat experience are beautifully furnished making sure your lake experience is as comfortable as it is memorable. Zambezi Cruise and Safaris offer the best Lake Kariba houseboat specials for unforgettable land & lake moments.

View of Kariba sunset from one of Zambezi cruise safaris luxury houseboats

Popular Lake Kariba Activities (Note: several activities are seasonal and prices change depending on the time of year)

  • Lake excursions of Tiki Catamarans
  • Swimming Cage at Kariba Safari Lodge
  • Para-sailing
  • Relaxing at lodges with swimming pools offering amazing views of the lake and its distant islands
  • Fishing on the lake. This is one of the top activities visitors enjoy on the lake.
  • Visiting St Barbra’s Chapel
  • Game drives along the shoreline
  • Visiting the dam wall
  • Kariba Heights viewpoint
  • Visiting the crocodile farm

Plus one extra, hunting for beautifully handcrafted curios!

Aerial View of Kariba Safari Lodge and the lake

Zambezi Cruise and Safaris the biggest operator in Kariba offers epic land and lake safaris. Talk to us for the best Lake Kariba experiences.

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Top Lake Kariba Activities| 2024 Update!

Top Lake Kariba Activities| 2024 Update!
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