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Top Zambezi Safari Cruise for Americans

An African safari is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list adventure. And, it is generally accepted that a cruise on Lake Kariba houseboats is the top Zambezi safari for Americans. The tour offers unbeatable, intimate wildlife interactions which create safari holidays with a difference.

Just like river cruises down the Mississippi or the Hudson, the Zambezi safari cruise for Americans moves at a relaxed pace while your onboard safari guides explain the history of the lake, identify wildlife and birds, and share points of interest.

The Zambezi River is a refreshingly uncrowded, untamed wilderness with unique fauna. Tender boats on-tow allow for shoreline and lake inlet excursions. During these Kariba activities, you will enjoy wildlife viewing as majestic animals congregate at watering holes.

Top Tours for Americans with Zambezi Cruise and Safaris

Zambezi Cruise and Safaris’ group tours or circuits are escorted Zimbabwe tours. During our Zimbabwe safaris, Americans trek endangered black and white rhinos in Matobo Hills. They also visit the adventure capital of the Zambezi, Victoria Falls and cruise on Lake Kariba, a premiere wildlife-watching destination.

Map of Zambezi Cruise and Safaris fully immersive tour circuit for American Tourists

One of the best ways to experience an amazing African safari is by combining land and lake experiences. Doing this takes the safari experience up a notch. You will be able to view animals on land during game drives and also from the water on tender boats.

The lake safari is more relaxed and offers great opportunities to spot hippos, crocodiles and water birds like fish eagles and the rare Pel’s fishing owl.

Due to the exclusive-use nature of the cruise boats on Lake Kariba, along the Zambezi River, morning and evening game viewing activities on tender boats can be as long and as numerous as you like.

Travel Tips for Americans Travelling to the Zambezi River

The Zambezi’s wildlife offering is amazing which is why thousands of American tourists visit annually. However, there are a few things travellers from the USA must remember to have a truly outstanding African vacation.

  1. Vaccinations. There are several other vaccinations, besides the COVID-19 vaccination, one needs before embarking on a Zambezi Safari. Other diseases that require vaccinations or other prophylactics (preventative medication) are Malaria, Influenza, Cholera and Yellow Fever. Pneumonia is given to all travellers over 65 years and travellers with compromised immune systems.
  2. Travel Insurance! While Zambezi cruise safaris are usually smooth sailing we recommend organising travel insurance before embarking on your Zambezi safari. Have it in place before departing and make sure it covers medical expenses, emergency evacuation, cancellations (hotels and flights) and lost or damaged possessions.
  3. Prescription medication, including prescription sunglasses and sunblock. It is very important to carry enough prescription meds to last the full duration of your African safari with a cruise. Sunglasses and sunblock will protect you from the intense sunshine enjoyed in the Zambezi region.

More Zambezi Cruise Safari Tips

  1. Carry casual and comfortable clothes. It does get hot in the Zambezi Basin so shirts with ventilation and trousers that convert into shorts are a practical addition to your safari wardrobe. Do not forget to pack comfy shoes if you intend on going on any game walks during your trip to Africa.
  2. Camera and binoculars. Africa is the ultimate photographer’s dream destination, with its stunning landscapes and magnificent wildlife. Make sure you have a good-quality camera or video for your trip. Also, invest in a pair of binoculars, these will enhance the safari experience by 8x magnification or more!
  3. Carry USD cash (including small denominations) for permits and souvenirs. While the wilderness and wildlife in Zimbabwe are world-class, the economy is not! You will be hard-pressed to find an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) dispersing cash whether it is local currency or forex.

Everyone gets a Balcony on a Zambezi Cruise Safari

During Lake Kariba cruises on the Zambezi River, our cherished American guests stay in cabins with outside-facing windows. Even though some cabins do not have actual balconies, you will enjoy panoramic views of the lake from your bed.

Our land-based properties, which are part of our Zimbabwe tours, also have suites with balconies. These rooms open up to breathtaking views of Africa’s wild waterways.

Follow these top travel tips on your journey down one of Africa’s greatest waterways and enjoy extraordinary landscapes and experiential excursions with peace of mind. Also remember to bring along some common sense, patience and a sense of humour!

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Top Zambezi Safari Cruise for Americans

Top Zambezi Safari Cruise for Americans
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