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‘Meat’ the staff who bring the heat to Zambezi’s kitchen!

Here at Zambezi Cruise & Safaris, we are working closely with A Matter of Taste to offer an enticing, distinctive cuisine while working with local produce, cooking techniques and flavours. Who more important to meet than the very staff who deliver the goods behind the scenes, in the kitchen. Our staff are trained to a high standard and are continually supported to improve and learn every day while encouraging each individual to add their own ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Kings of the Braai!

The passion for cooking among our staff is second to none – “it’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”. They take pride in their work and show such attentiveness and enthusiasm in training, which ultimately shows in their culinary prowess.

They say a meal is only as good as its ingredients. It is not just about the meal, its about the whole food chain, farm to table. That’s why we are committed to using local produce from local sources,  thus supporting our community – something we find extremely important within the company. Nature gives us the most fabulous things. Let’s enjoy every mouthful from a sustainable, fair trade, environmentally friendly and naturally grown source while creating income, no matter how small.

Finally we turn to our on board team – the creme de la creme – if you will. From beach braais to freshly caught and cooked bream, they have it covered. The chefs prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner and boat snacks to perfection. The delectable, moreish dishes presented, guarantees one to look forward to the next meal before the last is finished. The staff on the boat are experts at thinking on their feet – finding a supermarket in the middle of the lake is tricky, so they do a great job at chopping and changing ingredients when necessary, but shh – you would never know!

We hope to see you soon and just remember, cooking is all about the people so you can rest assured, the people cooking with us put their heart and soul into each and every dish – you’ll see!

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‘Meat’ the staff who bring the heat to Zambezi’s kitchen!

‘Meat’ the staff who bring the heat to Zambezi’s kitchen!
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