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Cooking in the ambiance

… and eating!

We are committed to making meals for everyone to love, but we’ve decided to take that extra step. Flavors, textures and presentation are always important when it comes to what you’re eating but having the right ambiance can make a good meal a great one. Our focus is to find the perfect spot, offer the perfect food and make it a unique, delightful experience for all involved.


A Potjie, literally translated is a small-pot food, and is a dish best prepared and served outside. A local specialty in the environment it was made for – A Potjie at Pamuzinda watching the sun set joined by wild animals in the bush. The flavors and scenery compliment each other to no end. What is better than sipping on a cold beverage, the atmosphere around a campfire and the potjies bubbling away while dusk approaches? Not much.


Who doesn’t love a good barbecue/braai/barbie?  And who doesn’t love adventuring the African bush? Wonderful in taste and aroma, these braais will have your mouth watering before you can say “oh my grill!”. Vegetarians – No meat? no problem. Smoky miso aubergines, coconut paneer with charred naans and grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt, will even cause a stir among the heftiest of meat eaters!


For the horse riding fanatics – or anyone who wants a fun and different equestrian experience. Ride your noble steed up  to the dam or to the fig tree, have a paddle in the water and jump off for a bite to eat. Experienced horse guides will take care of your horse while we wine and dine you before heading home. The horse back safaris enable you to get up close and personal with the parks wildlife, and for the experienced few you can gallop along the airstrip to work up your appetite for your fabulous lunch in an equally fabulous location.


No, sorry, we are not flying you to Australia – Instead we have our very own, mini Ayre’s Rock. This spot for sun-downers is a classic, with a totally aerial view of the park, you can see for miles and spot game from the comfort of your gin and tonic. But that’s not what were really here for – feast your ears on these tempting canapes including watermelon cubed with balsamic reduction and mint, melted brie with caramlised pear crostinis and Crocodile rissoles.

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Cooking in the ambiance

Cooking in the ambiance
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