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Terrapin’s Surprise Visit

Here at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge we have a number of pans and waterholes, some of which partly dry up just before the rains. They are a magnet for Birdlife cashing in on easily caught fish as the water levels drop. I was surprised, therefore, when on a recent Dragonfly Photographic Walk (one of the new activities we are offering), beside one of them, to catch the impressive Black Emperors, one of Africa’s largest wildlife Dragonflies, egg laying. Whilst photographing them I saw ripples on the surface. I would have thought any fish daft enough to announce its presence in this fashion would have been long since gobbled up. My surprise was compounded when a Terrapin emerged, took one look at me and my close-up lens, and broke into a beautific, just for the camera, grin.

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Terrapin’s Surprise Visit

Terrapin’s Surprise Visit
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