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Serui River home to a diversity of Wildlife Species

Bodies of water, be they Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Ponds or Oceans have always appealed to human nature. In times of clement conditions they engender an overwhelming sense of tranquility and one cannot help but be overawed by their raw power in times of storm and tempest.

The Serui River, running through the wide variety of habitats offered by Pamuzinda Game Reserve, is no exception and offers the additional attraction of a never ending diversity of Wildlife Species more difficult to spot than the extensive range of large mammals normally associated with this venue. Small mammals and Insects including Dragonflies, Grasshoppers, Butterflies, Bees and Wasps are all represented, whilst a myriad of bird species work their way through the bankside vegetation. Reptiles are represented too with a variety of attractively coloured small lizards put firmly into the shade size wise by their semi-aquatic cousins the Nile Monitors, of which we have some very impressive specimens. Crocs are in evidence too though they do tend to be somewhat secretive and a cautious approach is advisable if close-up views are required.

We are recording many of these photographically and hope to show you in a series of blog entries some of nature’s design miracles that, with perseverance and diligence you might expect to come across during your stay in this wonderfully diverse ecological setting at Pamuzinda Safari Lodge.

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Serui River home to a diversity of Wildlife Species

Serui River home to a diversity of Wildlife Species
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