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Discover the Hidden Gem in Matobo Hills along Plumtree Road

Shashani, A Gem in Matobo Hills along Plumtree Road nestled on top of an ancient granite boulder offers the ultimate soul-warming safari experience. Matobo Hills or Matopos as the area is also known is famous for its striking landscape, rich history, impressive wilderness, and wildlife. Shashani Matobo Hill’s resplendent architecture excellently compliments the spirit of Matopos to bring out the true magic of these “bald lands”.

“…most phenomenal sunsets!”

Quote from a seasoned traveller describing sunsets at Shashani Matobo Hills
Couple enjoying another beautiful and iconic sunset at Shashani in Matobo Hills along Plumtree road

Unleash your wanderlust in Shashani Matobo Hills, along Plumtree Road

The majestic granite outcrops knuckled throughout the landscape along with the deep enchanting allure of this World Heritage site provide constant refreshment to the wanderlust of many travellers. Regardless of whether you are seeking a romantic getaway or an inspirational venue for an executive business meeting or conference or just a girls’ weekend out, Matobo Hills will leave you satisfied, if not enchanted.

How to get to Shashani Matobo Hills!

Modes of Transport (airlines from Harare and Vic Falls)

Unlike most places that offer outstanding safari experiences, getting to Shashani Matobo Hills is relatively easy. Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Airport, only one hour from Shashani, makes travel easier by eliminating several hours that would have been endured if the journey was made by road. Currently, several airlines are now flying into Bulawayo from international destinations including South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana. Local airlines are also flying the “milk-run” route which connects several top tourist attractions like Vic Falls, Mana Pools, Kariba and the Southern Lowveld. Charter planes, a favourite of many travellers from the United States of America and the United Kingdom are also available at a reasonable price.

Kuva airline flying from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo

How far to Bulawayo, road trip option

While Bulawayo lies in the southern part of Zimbabwe it is a central location if you are considering the top Zimbabwean safari destinations. And, Zimbabwe is a very special country where landscapes and terrain change very quickly making road trips an exciting option!

  • Harare to Bulawayo is 440km or 274 miles
  • Victoria Falls to Bulawayo is 435km or 270 miles
  • Binga (south-western edge of Lake Kariba) to Bulawayo is 408km or 254 miles
  • Hwange to Bulawayo is 281km or 175 miles
  • Masvingo (Great Zimbabwe) to Bulawayo is 309km or 192 miles
  • Gonarezhou to Bulawayo is 520km or 324 miles

Alternative ways to get to Shashani Matobo Hills (Train and Bus Service)

Trains in Zimbabwe are not very reliable, however should you wish to have an “out-of-the-box” safari there is a train running from Victoria Falls to Bulawayo. Similarly, there is also a train from Harare to Bulawayo and likewise, you have to brace yourself for the journey.

Bus services are more reliable and allow you to meet ordinary Zimbabweans. Buses can be prebooked online. But, the best way to enjoy a bus ride through the country is on a charter bus!

Directions from Bulawayo to Shashani Matobo Hills

From Bulawayo head out on Plumtree Road (A7) and go through the toll gate. Continue along Plumtree Road through Figtree town. Then approximately 20km from Figtree, where there is a big cell phone tower on the left, turn
sharply left onto the Sundown Estate turnoff.

Along the road there is a cattle grid/dip, go through it! Immediately after there is a gate on your left, go through the gate. Please remember to close the gate behind you. Continue on this dirt road as it takes you across a small dam wall.

While still on this road, you will go through one more gate, again, please remember to close the gate behind you. Still on this same road, approximately 3.2 km after the gate, there is a Y junction, keep right.

As the road forks, take the left fork and follow this road. The road leads up and through a rocky outcrop and onto the top of a granite dwala. Bear slightly left as you drive down to the car park. Welcome to Shashani Matobo Hills!

Shashani Matobo Hills, A Hidden Gem in Matebeland

Shashani Matobo Hills lodge is in a private game reserve on the border of the Matobo Hills National Park along Plumtree road.

Built on the edge of a huge rock dome, the lodge has 10 comfortably furnished individual en-suite rooms. The widely spaced Matobo Hills Lodges, which also have private verandas, give you fantastic views of the wooded valley and its knobbly granite dwalas.

A comfortable lounge and bar with an adjoining dining room are open-fronted toward a breathtaking view of Matobo Hills. Also, a large fireplace is available to take the chill out of winter evenings. And, the swimming pool is ideally placed to gather the sun’s warmth as you enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding landscape.

Top Activities to Enjoy at Shashani Matobo Hills along Plumtree road

Matobo Hills offers top safari activities to enjoy close to Bulawayo. The Matopos area is steeped in history, as a result, Shashani Matobo Hills is the perfect location for a safari. The pristine wilderness at this unique location is naturally relaxing. All this combines magically with Matobo Hills safari activities to create unforgettable memories!

Guests at Shashani Matobo Hills enjoying rhino tracking activity

The Matobo Hills Experience: Top activities to Enjoy Along Plumtree Road

Right on the top of Matobo Hills activities is Rhino Tracking. This bucket-list safari activity is one of the reasons why a Matopos safari is a must! However, it is not the only bucket list activity available at this World Heritage site. While in Matobo Hills you will also be able to visit one of the largest cave painting collections in the world. And, then there is of course the hike to Cecil John Rhode’s grave, which is as captivating as it is fulfilling.

“What a beautiful and almost spiritual experience it is to stay at Shashani. There is nothing quite like the sunrise over the boulders and expansive landscape that connects you to the rich history of this place. The staff at the lodge were incredibly warm, welcoming and accommodating of our needs. And our private, spacious rooms boasted glorious views over the wilderness. We also had the amazing opportunity to do rhino tracking in Motobo Hills and I can’t fully describe the wonder and awe and thrill you feel when encountering rhinos just meters away from you on foot. What an absolute privilege, all lead by the calm and knowledgeable expertise of our guide. Thank you Hideaways for an unforgettable stay.”

Kristan W Trip Advisor

As a result of being on a private game reserve, you will be able to enjoy game drives in the private concession! The area has some of the world’s largest concentrations of leopards and Verreaux’s eagle! Yes, Matobo Hills is the ultimate safari destination for anyone who enjoys all forms of game viewing including photographic safaris.

Shashani Matobo Hills offers magnificent, unspoiled vistas and is the home of a heart-warming African Safari.

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Discover the Hidden Gem in Matobo Hills along Plumtree Road

Discover the Hidden Gem in Matobo Hills along Plumtree Road
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