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Masumu River Lodge – Binga

We start our journey through Zimbabwe via the medium of photos, taken by Paul Karnstedt, with Masumu River lodge in beautiful Binga. Join us as we take you for a walk through this stunning property set high on the hillside that offers sight of one of the most breathtaking views the country has to offer.

As you walk in to the lodge, the first sight awaiting you, is the lush green gardens and foliage which almost create  a jungle-like feel in the most unlikely of places. Peeping out from behind decorative canoes on the walls and indigenous rock formations, are the innocent looking Rock Hyrax and little scrambling squirrels all looking for a place to shelter. Poking through the trees, you can catch a glimpse of the shimmering blue lake beyond, walk a little further to visit the downstairs bar – there is water, water everywhere, as far as you can see.

After stopping for a cold beverage  (naturally), follow the bar around to discover the swimming pool area with comfortable sun loungers and chairs. Here you’ll get another glimpse of the amazing view – you will not be disappointed. Swim, sunbathe, shade bathe, relax, have a drink, read your book or snooze and when you’re ready we will move on to the next delight.

Are you feeling hungry yet? Lets make our way to the dining room-come-lounge area. Take a seat on one of the comfortable sofas and have a read or relax while your meal is being prepared for you. Oh, and did we mention the view?!

Blimey, this is exhausting! Let us show you to your room so you can rest up well in your spacious, airy room. Get ready for tomorrows action-packed day of activities, touring Binga or sailing off on your cruise…

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Masumu River Lodge – Binga

Masumu River Lodge – Binga
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