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Great Zimbabwe Tours

Great Zimbabwe is an ancient city in the south-eastern hills of Zimbabwe near Lake Mutirikwe and the town of Masvingo. The ancient city ruins at this location have intrigued both locals and visitors for centuries these manmade structures are still shrouded in mystery. This UNESCO World Heritage site is about 4 hours from both Bulawayo and Harare and 8 hours from Victoria Falls by road.

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Interesting Information about Great Zimbabwe

The earliest known written mention of the Great Zimbabwe ruins was by Vicente Pegado in 1531. Pegado was the captain of the Portuguese garrison of Sofala, on the coast of modern-day Mozambique. He recorded it as Symbaoe. The first confirmed visits by Europeans were in the late 19th century, with investigations of the site starting in 1871.

The Zimbabwean government has since adopted Great Zimbabwe as a national monument. Zimbabwe, the modern independent state gets its name from this ancient city. The word great distinguishes the site from the many hundreds of small ruins, now known as “zimbabwes”, spread across the Zimbabwe Highveld.

The ruins form three distinct architectural groups. Firstly there is the Hill Complex, then the Valley Complex and finally the Great Enclosure. The Hill Complex is the oldest as it was occupied between the ninth to thirteenth centuries. Then the Great Enclosure was in use from the thirteenth to fifteenth centuries. Eventually, the people moved to the Valley Complex, this was between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

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Great Zimbabwe Tours